Like many other countries, Iran has a lot of religious diversity minorities, Including Zoroastrians, Sabians (Mandaean), the Jews, Christians and …

As a photographer I did not just take photographs of them but also tried to study their lives. I met lots of their life styles and the lives of the people it depicted.




Zoroastrianism is the religion of ancient Persia before Islam Persian until they are all followers of this religion. Their prophet Zarathushtra, known to believe in God.

Zoroastrians in Iran have the largest number of followers among the other ethnic group. Within a few years of my life with them about the most ancient architecture, customs and their Prayers my photography.

What is important to Zoroastrians respect to the elements of nature and sanctify them. Water, fire, earth, air (the elements of nature, the video series I have tried diligently to be addressed.